Our projects are born because we firmly believe that the human being needs a place and a space where he can "Live to Fullness". This is why we work hard to add value to what we do, striving every day to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding public.

Our team:
In our Construction you will find an excellent team of qualified professionals who work hard in their different areas with high results orientation and teamwork with the collaboration of each other to achieve the objectives of MalanG.

Why invest in our projects:
Our residences are created with a different, innovative and modern concept looking to relate nature with people because what really matters is that you have a harmonious and pleasant environment where you can recreate, spread, but above all, "Live to Fullness". In addition to the materials used in our buildings are of the highest quality in the market and our finishes are first.

Promote the success of our clients, providing housing solutions suited to their needs, exceeding their expectations through innovation and incorporation with the environment.


To be a recognized and chosen company at a global level, for innovation and integration with the environment, as well as for the human and professional quality of our people when developing a civil work.


  • • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

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